DUSHANBE, August 30, Asia-Plus -- Another 24 new schools will open their doors to pupils this year, Rashid Salohov, the head of the construction department of the Ministry of Education, said.  

“Two of these schools are located in Dushanbe,” said Mr. Salohov, “A school to accommodate 1,568 pupils has been built in Zarafshon-1 area of Dushanbe at the expense of the presidential reserve fund, and a school to accommodate 1,960 pupils has been built in Zarafshon-2 area at the expense of the Dushanbe budget.” 

Of those 24 schools, four schools have been built at the expense of funds stipulated by the Ministry of Education for 2006.  “The school to accommodate 220 pupils in Varzob, the school for 1,176 pupils in Muminobod (Khatlon), the school for 320 pupils in Farkhor (Khatlon), and additional classes to accommodated 256 pupils at the school in Temurmalik (Khatlon) have been built for these funds,” the Asia-Plus interlocutor said.  

The remaining 20 schools have been built due to capital investments and at the expense of local authorities.   

Several other schools have been renovated and provided with furniture and educational supplies due to investments and under support of the government.  

“For example, due to loans and grants provided by the World Bank 26 educational facilities in Kulob, Fayzobod, Vahdat, Vose and Nurobod have been renovated and provided with necessary equipment,” Rashid Salohov stressed.  

Besides, due to funds provided by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) they have renovated and rehabilitated 15 schools in Kulob, Rasht, Ayni and Kuhistoni Mastchoh districts.  

At the same time, Mr. Salohov has noted that Tajikistan needs further 800 schools to improve the situation in the country’s education sector.