KHUJAND, August 31, Asia-Plus -- Schools in the northern province of Sughd will accept 44,996 first-formers this year, Mirzo Ahmadzoda, deputy head of the Sughd education department, announced at a briefing in Khujand on August 29.  

“In the school year of 2004-05, schools in Sughd accepted 46,562 first-formers and in the school year of 2005-06, they accepted 44,862 first-formers for studying,” Mr. Ahmadzoda said.  

According to him, one million Somonis have been provided from the presidential reserve fund this year for a full renovation of 18 schools in the province.  “Last year, 21 schools in Sughd were renovated for the same amount,” the Sughd education official said.  

He added that 10 schools to accommodate totaling 2,760 pupils have been renovated this year due to funds provided by local authorities, and 87 classes to accommodate totaling 2,130 pupils have been renovated this year under financial support of international organizations.  Besides, parents have made contribution to renovation of 42 classes to accommodate 1,70 pupils, according to him.