DUSHANBE, August 31, Asia-Plus -- Saydullo Khairulloyev, Chairman of the Majlisi Namoyandagon (Tajikistan’s lower chamber of parliament) is sure that the presidential election set for November 6 will be held at a high level.  

“The upcoming presidential election should be held at the high level within the framework of the country’s legislation and international laws recognized by Tajikistan,” Mr. Saydullo Khairulloyev remarked at a joint session of both chambers of Tajik national parliament.  

He noted that each citizen of Tajikistan and political parties functioning in the country should make their contribution to provide holding of fair, democratic and transparent.   

            “History of the holding of elections in Tajikistan has shown that elections in our country are held in free and democratic atmosphere,” Mr. Khairulloyev stressed.    

Mr. Alimamad Niyozmamadov, member of the Majlisi Milli also the Gorno Badakhshan governor, telling the session noted that the upcoming presidential election differed from the previous one, “and we should undertake efforts to ensure it is held at the high level.”  Mr. Niyozmamadov noted that under the country’s legislation neither the executive power in the provinces nor political parties have the right to interfere in work of electoral commissions.