DUSHANBE, September 26, Asia-Plus - Our party has decided to no participate in the upcoming presidential election for several reasons, Muhiddin Kabiri, the head of the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (IRPT), said in his interview with Asia-Plus today.  

“Firstly, an important element in our decision is flaws in the country’s election legislation and lack of trust between the main political forces participating in the election,” Kabiri said in his comments to Asia-Plus. 

On the lack of trust between the main political forces, Kabiri stressed that the previous elections had shown that some politicians bring the situation in the way that all achievements of the country are connected with development of democracy, while all problems and emanate from the spread of “religious ideas.”  

Besides, local authorities in some regions are using the fight against extremism as pretext to limit activity of local religious political structures and hurt their rights and opportunities, according  to him.  

Kabiri stressed once again that the IRPT does not boycott the election as Social Democrats and Democrats do “but just refused its constitutional right to field its candidate in the election.” 

“It does not mean that our party will not participate in the election at all,” stressed Kabiri, “Representatives from our party will participate in all electoral commissions.  Moreover, members of our party will freely participate in the voting process and vote as they think best.”  

Kabiri said he will also participate in voting but refrained from saying whom he will vote for.