DUSHANBE, September 27, Asia-Plus - “We have nominate for president our young comrade, who is deputy of the Majlisi Namoyandagon already the second term,” Shodi Shabdolov, the head of the Communist Party (CPT) said in his interview with Asia-Plus.

“Our candidate, Ismoil Talbakov, is member of the CPT Board and at the last congress of the party, he was elected secretary of the CPT Central Committee,” Shabdolov said.  According to Shabdolov, participation of Ismoil Talbakov in the presidential election will be a great ordeal.  “During the congress several candidates were named but the delegates elected Ismoil Talbakov,” said the CPT leader, ” He is younger than other candidates and has a good experience of work in parliament; he had also headed district and regional organizations of the party in Kulob.”  

“We believe Ismoil Talbakov will represent the Communist Party adequately in the presidential election,” Shabdolov said.

According to him, of 125 elected delegates representing 45,000 members of the party, 95 attended the congress.  90 of them voted for candidacy of Ismoil Talbakov.  

The Communist Party of Tajikistan was founded in 1918 and registered in 1991.  The chairman of the party is Shodi Shabdolov.  At present it has some 45,000 members.