DUSHANBE, September 28, Asia-Plus - Kazakhstan’s largest copper producer, Kazmys Corporation, is ready to invest in the development of copper and precious metals deposits in Tajikistan. 

During their staying in Tajikistan this week, visiting experts from the Kazmys Corporation studied Tajikistan’s market and their Tajik hosts offered a number of investment opportunities in copper and gold.

’There are no pure copper deposits in Tajikistan,’ said a Ministry of Industries source. “However, copper ore is mined along with deposits of gold and other metals.” 

In the course of the negotiations the ministry asked the corporation to invest in the development of the deposit of lapis lazuli Lojvardara in Porno Badakhshan.  The estimated budget for this project is US$ 1 million. The deposit will pay for itself in four years, according to the source. 

Kazakhmys was also asked to invest in the development of the ruby and red spinel deposits in Gorno Badakhshan and the Chakandanbuloq deposit in Sughd. 

”A number of enterprises helped by Kazakh capital have already begun operating in Tajikistan,” said the source, “Kazakh investors are mainly interested in investing in the mining industry in Tajikistan.” 

Besides mining, Kazakhmys has also expressed interest in the development of coalfields and energy projects in Tajikistan. 

”Kazmys intends to thoroughly study the investment prospects and the Tajik market,” the source noted. 

Kazmys Corporation, an open joint stock company, has operated in Kazakhstan since 1992. The corporation concentrates on processing ores of non-ferrous metals, production of copper, affinage of gold and silver, chemical production, generation of hydroelectric and thermal electric power and the extraction of coal.  The corporation has consolidated all copper-producing enterprises in Kazakhstan and its assets have amounted to US$1 billion.