KONIBODOM, September 29, Asia-Plus - An electoral commission at Konibodom constituency # 28 placed in the building of the Konibodom agriculture department has started its work.  

            The commission head, Azim Bobojonov said the commission consists of nine people.  According to Bobojonov, representatives from four political parties have been included on the district electoral commission: four members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDPT), one representative from the Islamic Revival Party (IRPT), one from the Communist Party (CPT), and one from the Party of Economic Reforms.  Besides, the commission includes two non-party members.   

“In all poling stations, we will use ballot boxes that were used during the parliamentary elections,” said Bobojonov, “They are in a good state.” 

According to the electoral commission head, the main work of the commission will start after registration of candidates, while at present initiative groups of the political parties are still collecting signatures to register their candidates.  “In the near future, we will organize training seminars for members of electoral commissions on procedures for the upcoming presidential election,” he said.  

In the November 6 presidential election, the Konibodom constituency has 57 polling stations.  The Konibodom constituency numbers more than 80,000 voters.