DUSHANBE, October 9, Asia-Plus - Barqi Tojik (Tajik electric systems) power holding has announced new measures rationing electricity supplies in the country. 

The Barqi Tojik source said the measures were introduced on October 2 in all provinces except the capital city.  “The measures seek to curb the country’s rising electricity consumption in the autumn-winter period,” said the source, “The rationing will last though April next year and result in the supply of daily being reduced to 10 hours.”

The source added that this year the daily electricity supplies had been reduced to eight hours per day. 

In addition to curbing rising consumption, the move also stems from a decline in the water level in the country’s reservoirs powering the main hydroelectric power stations.  Because of this Tajikistan’s deficiency of electricity of electricity in the autumn-winter period amounts to 3.5 billion – 4 billion kWh.  The country plans to cover this deficiency by importing electricity from Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.