DUSHANBE, October 23, Asia-Plus -- 3,200,000 voting-papers for a November presidential election will be printed at the state-run publishing house Sharqi Ozod in Dushanbe, Muhibullo Dodojonov, a spokesman for Tajikistan’s Central Commission for Elections and Referenda (CCER) said, noting that a part of them will be printed in Russian (30,000), Uzbek (200,000) and Kyrgyz (11,000).

According to him, the voting-papers will be published on a special paper provided with mechanism of high protection against forgery.  

“On October 25, the central election commission will distribute the voting-papers to all 68 constituencies across the republic,” said Dodojonov, “Then, not later than two days before the Election Day the voting-papers will be sent to the electoral commissions at the polling stations.” 

            The CCER spokesman added that they have enough transparent ballot-boxes for the election.  “Since the last parliamentary elections in the country, we have 3,000 standard ballot-boxes and 3,000 portable transparent boxes,” said Dodojonov, “Besides, we have ordered for another 500 standard and 2,500 portable ballot-boxes in China’s city of Urumqi, and they have already been delivered to Tajikistan.”