DUSHANBE, October 25, Asia-Plus - Beginning on January 1 2007, Tajikistan may possibly raise electricity supplies prices, the Tajik antimonopoly agency head Rahmonali Amirov announced at a news conference in Dushanbe today.  

According to him, the antimonopoly commission is currently considering proposal of the energy ministry to raise the electricity supplies prices.  “Within the next few days we will submit our ruling on this proposal for consideration to the government and it will make an appropriate decision,” Amirov said.   

The antimonopoly agency head said that the energy ministry proposes to raise the electricity supplies prices by 40 percent.  

At present the public pays for electric power at the rate of 0.016 somoni per on KWh for the determined rate of 250 kWh, and 0.027 somoni per on kWh for electricity used in excess of those determined 250 kWh.  

Besides, in connection with rise in exchange rate of USD, by proposal of the energy ministry the price of 1000 cubic meters of natural gas for all categories of consumers, except Tojikcement (Dushanbe cement plant) and Tojikazot (Tajik plant on production of mineral fertilizers), has increased since October 1 and been set at 272 somonis (equivalent to US$80.2).  “Next year, these tariffs will be reviewed as well,” Amirov said.