DUSHANBE, October 26, Asia-Plus - AgroInvestBonk and Russia’s SvyazBank are going to introduce a new money transfer system in Tajikistan – Blizko.  

Samandar Haidarov, the head of the AgroInvestBonk department for retail service, said that an agreement on introduction of this money-transfer system was reached in mid-October and the sides signed appropriate documents. 

“Blizko, which will be introduced in early November, is the 7 th international money transfer system, AgroInvestBonk has joined,” Haidarov said.  AgroInvestBonk uses international money transfer systems such as Western Union, Unistream, Anelik, Contact, Bystraya Pochta and Migom.  

SvyazBank works with companies in the telecommunications sector of Russia and has 34 branches across the Russian Federation, which is of no small importance for Tajik labor migrants working in various regions of Russia.   

According to Haidarov, SvyazBank has agreed to cooperate with AgroInvestBonk on other directions of banking activity as well.  

Founded in 1992, AgroInvestBonk, with headquarters in Dushanbe, has main branches in Khorog, Khujand, Kulob and Qurghon Teppa and 57 other branches across the republic. AgroInvestBonk’s declared capital includes 210,000 shares, valued at 21 million somonis. The face value of one share is 100 somonis.

Interregional Commercial Bank for Development of Telecommunications and Informatics, SvyazBank was established in 1991.