KULOB, October 26, Asia-Plus -- The Kulob zone of Khatlon is running late with sowing winter crops this year, Habibullo Kuliyev, the head of the Kulob seed-growing inspectorate, said in an interview with Asia-Plus. 

According to him, the Hamadoni district has sown winter wheat on 210 hectares so far and the Farkhor district has sown 20 hectares of barley.

”The Kulob zone is expected to sow a total of 34,954 hectares in winter crops this year,” said Kuliyev.  “Last year, farmers in Kulob planted winter crops on  43,829 hectares by October 25.” 

Kuliyev added that progress in stockpiling seeds is also unsatisfactory in the region. ”The Kulob region has to date stockpiled 1,300 tons of seeds, including 395 tons of type one, 450 tons of type two and 455 tons of type three,” said the Kulob officials.  “Taking into consideration that some 200 kilograms of seeds are needed for one hectare, the shortage of seeds to date amounts to more than 5,500 tons.”