DUSHANBE, October 27, Asia-Plus - There ought not to link terrorism to any religion, Kazak Ambassador to Tajikistan Yerlan Abildayev stated at a news conference in Dushanbe on October 26.  

“The religion of Islam as the source of spiritual and moral purity advocates peace,” said Abildayev, “In fact, some extremist forces carry out disgraceful deeds under religious slogans.”  He noted that that Islam as any other religion has nothing to do with terrorism. 

According to him, it is necessary to change image of Islam because at present Muslims are presented as more backward compared to others. 

“Meanwhile it is not right,” said Abildayev, “Islam has always encouraged development of science, literature and culture and Central Asia of 9 th -10 th centuries may be served as example of this.” 

According to him, activity of extremist and terrorist organizations does not appear for no particular reason because “the situation in one country may affect other countries.”  “Fueling environment for spread of negative phenomena in society exists in any country, especially among the rural population,” Kazakh diplomat said.   

To avoid clash of civilizations countries should be well aware of what is going on in each of them, according to him.  “At present the western countries do not give unbiased data about what is going on in our countries and what influences the public opinion”.