DUSHANBE, October 30, Asia-Plus - Districts subordinate to the center (RRP) have fulfilled their general cotton target and are continuing to gather cotton in addition to their obligation.

Deputy Agriculture Minister, Qodir Qosimov, today told Asia-Plus that the districts subordinate to the center have produced their targeted 46,700 tons of cotton and have gathered an additional 56 tons by October 30.  It has become possible due to the fact that Hissor, Rudaki and Vahdat districts have fulfilled their targets and are continuing to gather cotton in addition to their obligations, according to him.  Tursunzoda and Shahrinav districts are also nearing the fulfillment of their obligations.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, cotton growers in the Khatlon province have yielded 240,700 tons of cotton to this day, which is 773.2 percent of the target.  Their target is 329,000 tons.  The northern province of Sughd has gathered 122,700 tons by October 30, which is 71.6 percent its target determined at 171,300 tons of cotton.    

The republic has reached three-quarters of the 2006 cotton target, yielding 410,000 tons of cotton by October 30, which comprises 75 percent of this year’s target, which has been determined at 547,000 tons of cotton.  

The Tajik deputy agriculture minister noted that the present rate of cotton harvesting campaign is quite satisfactory – 0.5% of the national target per day.  According to him, specialists from the ministry expect the cotton-picking campaign to have accelerated by mid-November – by 10%-15% compared to the present rate.  “Only in this case, the cotton farmers will be able to near the target,” Qodir Qosimov said. 

However, Qosimov questions fulfillment of this year’s cotton target.  “Tajikistan will scarcely be able to fulfill its national cotton target this year,” said the deputy agriculture minister, “Most likely, Tajik cotton farmers will reach 90%-95% of the target.”  According to him, to yield better results the cotton farms should recruit more manpower for gathering the cotton harvest.