MOSCOW, October 30, Asia-Plus -- “We have decided to offer a new form of holding days Russia’s Federation Council CIS Committee,” The Federation Council CIS Committee head Vadim Gustov told journalists in Moscow on October 27.  

According to him, members of the committee now report back to their colleagues and representatives from media.   “Besides, Russia’s regions are also connected to this meeting and have opportunity to put questions to the committee’s members,” Gustov said.   

Telling the meeting Gustov dwelled on problems of migration in Russia.  He pointed to the necessity of adopting laws regulating staying of labor migrants in the country.  HE expressed hope that such laws will be adopted in the near future.   

Grigory Rapota, secretary general of the Eurasian Economic Community (EAEC) told the meeting about prospects of the further development of this organization.  He in particular, noted that Uzbekistan is currently at the stage of adaptation of its 74 national agreements to those active within the Community.   

Rapota also told about agreements on joint development of fuel-energy resources of the EAEC member nations that was discussed at the EAEC prime ministers’ session in Moscow Friday.  “The question was of Sangtuda-1 power plant, that is being constructed in Tajikistan,” said Rapota, “This plant is expected to be finished in 2008.”  The issue of the anther Tajik hydroelectric power station, Roghun, was also discussed, according to him.  It was noted that further US$2.2 billion are needed to complete the construction of Roghun.  The similar projects will be implemented in Kyrgyzstan as well.  

“If we can settle this task, we will be able to resolve energy problems of Central Asia as well,” the EAEC secretary general said.  

Mikhail Kotov, secretary general of the CIS Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, telling the touched upon the issues related to the CIS reforms.  He noted that the situation had changed for better.