DUSHNBE, November 17, Asia-Plus - AgroInvestBonk is currently working on introducing Internet banking system to offer online services to its clients, Marufkhoja Eshov, the head of the AgroInvestBonk informatization department, said.  

According to him, this system allows performing transactions, payments etc. over the Internet through a bank, credit union or buildingsociety’s secure websites.

“We are currently working on methods of protection that would be secure enough for personal online banking applications,” said Eshov, “We hope to introduce the Internet banking system next year.”  

 “We have not yer considered tariffs of the online banking services, but probably the information services will be offered free of cahrge and we suppose to set tariffs for a number of transactions, including funds transfer,” The AgroInvestBonk official said. 

According to the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT), OryonBonk has introduced Internet banking system for its customers this year.  

Internet banking (or online banking) allows customers to do their banking outside of bank hours and from anywhere where Internet access is available. 

Online banking usually offers such features as: bank statements, with the possibility to import data in a personal finance profgram; electronic bill payment; funds transfer between a customer’s own checking and savings accounts, or to another customer’s account; investment purchase or sale; loan applications and transactions.

There is a growing number of banks that operate exclusively online.  Because these online banks have low costs compared to traditional banks they can offer high interest rates. 

Founded in 1992, AgroInvestBonk, with headquarters in Dushanbe, has main branches in Khorog, Khujand, Kulob and Qurghon Teppa and 57 other branches across the republic. AgroInvestBonk’s declared capital includes 210,000 shares, valued at 21 million somonis. The face value of one share is 100 somonis.  According to Tajik central bank, the AgroInvestBonk regulative capital has amounted to 47.1 million somonis (more than US$13 million) as of October 1, 2006.