DUSHANBE, November 17, Asia-Plus -- In October, inflation amounted to 0.7 percent in October, according to the State Committee for Statistics. 

The index of consumer food prices last month rose 0.7 percent, non-food products 1.1 percent and the paid services 0.3 percent. 

The inflation rate in the consumer sector averaged 0.98 percent over the first ten months of the year, while in January-October it was 0.59 percent. The index of consumer food prices over the same ten-month period rose 10.1 percent, non-food products 4.2 percent and the paid services 19 percent. 

In 2005, inflations amounted to 7.1 percent, according to the committee.

The cost of the food products included in the consumer basket as of the end of October 2006 was 44.41 somonis per one family member per month for actual consumption; when adjusted for a balanced diet it was nearly 100 somonis.