DUSHANBE, November 27, Asia-Plus - The upcoming cutoff of supply of electricity in the country will not affect the prices of liquefied gas, Farhod Mirzoyev, head of the Dushanbe company Z-gaz said.   

According to him, problems may possibly face gas-fueling stations, which run on electrical power.  “As a result of the electricity supplies cutoff a half of gas-fueling stations will be not in operation,” Mirzoyev said, adding that the gas-fueling stations may possibly operate on the diesel-run generators. 

Mirzoyev noted that the company is taking adequate preparations to provide the population with liquefied gas on November 29-30.  

In Dushanbe, the price of one liter of liquefied gas has not changed and today was 1.40 somonis.  

In the meantime, as it had been reported earlier, from August to September, prices of liquefied gas rose in Dushanbe on average by 16 percent (Asia-Plus Blitz, September 14).  A source at the Ministry of Economy and Trade (MoET) said on September 14 that reported the price of liquefied gas had risen gradually by 0.4 somoni since the beginning of the year, from 2.50 somonis a kilogram to 2.90 somonis.  “After the Tajik authorities banned natural gas as fuel for vehicles, the demand for liquefied gas has increased in the country,” the source said, adding that experts expect liquefied gas prices to rise in future as well. 

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are the main suppliers of liquefied gas to Tajikistan.