DUSHANBE, November 28, Asia-Plus - In connection with the possible strict electricity cutback set for November 28-30, Tajik aluminum plant, TadAZ, and Barqi Tojik (Tajik electric systems) are jointly seeking optimal ways of reducing electricity supplies to the plant that would not affect a technological cycle of the aluminum production, a statement released by TadAZ said.  

The statement, in particular, said that by the end of November, the plant will have repaid its debts for this year completely.   

TadAZ, located 60 kilometers to the west of Dushanbe, is Tajikistan’s largest consumer of electric power.  Thus, over the first quarter of this year alone, TadAZ has consumed 1.7 billion kWh of electricity.  62.5 percent of this amount or 1.062 billion kWh has been supplied to the plant by Tajik power holding Barqi Tojik.  According to the State Committee for Statistics, Tajikistan has generated little more than 3.3 billion kWh of electricity over the first quarter of 2006.  Proceeding from this, TadAZ has consumed nearly 50 percent of electricity generated by Tajikistan over the same three-month period.