RIGA, November 29, Asia-Plus - A two-day summit of NATO that opened in Riga, Latvia, yesterday, is focusing on military and political reforms.  

The summit participants include nine presidents, 15 premiers, and 5,000 guests.  2,000 journalists have arrived in Riga to cover the summit.     

Today, the summit is continuing with discussion of military requests for more troops to fight insurgents.  The two-day summit will conclude after discussions about NATO’s role in the 21st Century.  The alliance leaders will also discuss ways to enhance NATO’s partnership activities, including efforts to draw countries like Japan and Australia more closely into alliance activities.

According to some experts, NATO leaders at a summit in Latvia have agreed to relax restrictions on how their troops are used in Afghanistan. 

BBC reports that more than 75% of the 32,000-strong force in Afghanistan will soon be allowed to be deployed anywhere in the country, alliance officials said.