DUSHANBE, December 21, Asia-Plus - Tajikistan has reduced production of textiles.

Over the past eleven months, Tajik textile producers have manufactured some 13,124 tons of cotton yarn and some 20 million square meters of cotton fabric, which is 3.9 percent and 4.6 percent respectively fewer than last year, the State Committee for Statistics said.

Textile exports, including cotton fiber, over the same eleven-month period have amounted to US$152.221 million, which is 8.3 percent fewer than last year, while textile imports have increased over the report period by 47.7 percent and amounted US$18.8 million, which is US$6.1 million more than last year.   

In January-November 2006, cotton fiber accounted for 8.9 percent of Tajikistan’s exports.  Over the report period, Tajikistan has exported 106,500 tons of cotton fiber for a total amount of US$113.56 million, which is 9,100 tons or US$11.8 million fewer than last year.

Main trading partners of Tajikistan for cotton fiber were: Latvia – 26.8 percent, Kazakhstan – 18.2 percent, Russia – 17.2 percent, Uzbekistan – 9.1 percent, Ukraine – 4.6 percent, Switzerland – 1.8 percent, Turkey – 1.7 percent, and Bulgaria – 1 percent.  

Compared to 2005 production of cotton fiber has reduced by 8.1 percent.  As of December 1, Tajikistan has produced 121,300 tons of cotton fiber.

An average price of one ton of cotton fiber in January-November was US$1,066, which is US$19.00 fewer than last year.  

Experts say that only 12.4 percent of the cotton Tajikistan produces is processed into manufactured goods in Tajikistan, while the remainder is exported for manufacturing outside the country.