DUSHANBE, January 6, Asia-Plus – Regnum – Tajikistan has asked Russia for admitting into its territory 50,000 deported Tajik illegal migrants, Russia’s news agency Regnum reported.  They have promised not to break registration requirements any more.  

Tajikistan’s migration service hopes for Russia’s amnestying more than 50,000 Tajik illegal labor migrants that have been deported over the past three years, according to Regnum.  The Tajik migration service has sent this request to the relevant Russian structures, the news agency said.  

The Tajik migration service head Anvar Boboyev was quoted as saying that those people were deported for not satisfying Russia’s legal requirements.  They did not register at the relevant services within three days on arrival, according to Boboyev.  

By Russia’s laws the deported migrants do not have the right to enter Russia within five years.  However, Boboyev said the deported migrants are not terrorists or killers did not commit any grave crime in the territory of Russia.  According to him, over the past several years, Tajik labor migrants have become more law-abiding. 

The Tajik migration service head warned the deported migrants against attempt to enter Russia by counterfeit passports because all border points in Russia are provided with database containing list of the deported migrants with their biometric parameters.  

According to the Tajik migration service, nearly 18,000 Tajik labor migrants were deported from Russia in 2004 for violating Russian residence procedures.  The number of those deported in 2006 is far fewer – 5,600 people.  

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