Could have been more, but for this producers need help.

Tajikistan still ranks last in the production of meat and meat products per capita among the countries of the former USSR.

According to world statistics, the republic produces just over 19 kg of meat per person per year, while the consumption rate is 40.2 kg.

The Minister of Agriculture of Tajikistan Sulaimon Ziyozoda said this year that “step by step, Tajikistan, in the next two or three years, will fully meet the needs of the population in this product”.

Currently, the demand of the population of Tajikistan for meat is approximately 380-385 thousand tons per year..

In the first half of 2021, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, more than 88 thousand tons of meat were produced, and imports amounted to about 1.9 thousand tons worth more than $ 5.3 million.