KHUJAND January 21, 2011, Asia-Plus  – One of reconstructed lines at the state unitary enterprise, Vostokredmet (Oriental Industrial Complex of Rare Metals), will produce recycled vanadium, the enterprise director general Akbar Fayozov said in an interview with Asia-Plus.

“The line has been reconstructed under financial support of Converse Group (Moscow) and it will recycle vanadium waste that will be shipped from Russia and the finished product will be vanadium powder.  The powder will be sent to Russian partners,” Fayozov said.

According to him, Converse Group will pay for the finished product.  100 people are expected to work with the line.

“This year, the enterprise plans to recycle almost 6,000 tons of vanadium waste,” said the director general, “In the future, we will be able recycle up to 36,000 tons of waste that will allow to create 200 other new jobs.”

In the Soviet time, Vostokredmet had been one of leading enterprises for underground and dense leaching of metals and had been engaged in primary processing of uranium ore.  The works were suspended in the 1990s.  At present the enterprise has arranged production for affinage (refining) of gold and silver mined in Tajikistan.