DUSHANBE, January 21, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- In 2010, Tajikistan produced 2,050 kilograms of gold, which is 690 kilograms more than in 2009, Minister of Energy and Industries Gul Sherali announced at a news conference in Dushanbe today.

According to him, the Tajik-Chinese joint gold mining company, Zeravshan Gold Company (ZGC), produced 1,214.5 kilograms of gold last year, which is 667 kilograms more than 2009.  “Besides, the Tajik-Canadian joint gold mining company, Aprelevka, produced 439.3 kilograms of gold, Tilloi Tojik (Tajik Gold) produced 308 kilograms of gold and the private gold mining artel (cooperative), Odina, produced 68.6 kilograms of gold last year,” the minister noted.

Gul Sherali said that 1,791 kilograms of gold produced last were realized inside the country: the Ministry of Finance bought 366.5 kilograms; the National Bank of Tajikistan bought 862.3 kilograms; and jewelry enterprises bought 10.6 kilograms.  The remainder was realized outside the country.  The minister noted that gold was realized both inside and outside the country at international prices.

Gul Sherali added that 2,667 kilograms of silver were produced in the country last year, most of which came from deposit operated by Aprelevka.

Last year, Aprelevka produced 1,429.6 kilograms of silver (66.5 kilograms more than in 2009) and ZGC produced 1,212 kilograms of silver (1,162 kilograms more than in 2009).

Tajikistan has 28 known gold deposits containing an estimated 429.3 tons of gold.  The largest amount of gold was produced in Tajikistan in 1998 – 3,000 kilograms, while in recent years, the country has produced not more than 1,800 kilograms.  Most of gold comes from the Jilau deposit operated by ZGC.

Three large gold mining companies now operate in Tajikistan: Tilloi Tojik; Tajik-Chinese JV Zeravshan Gold Company (ZGC); and Tajik-Canadian JV Aprelevka.  Besides, the private gold mining artel, Odina, operates in Khatlon province.