DUSHANBE, January 24, 2011, Asia-Plus -- Tajikistan’s foreign debt grew 261.5 million U.S. dollars in 2010, Finance Minister Safarali Najmiddinov told reporters in Dushanbe today.

As of January 1, 20110, the country’s external debt amounted to 1.9428 billion U.S. dollars, or 34.6 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), the minister said, noting that national budget last year allocated 244 somoni (US$55.6 million) for repayment of the principal and 100.5 million somoni were allocated last year for repayment of the debt interest.

According to him, the external debt includes the government’s direct debt estimated at 1.778 billion U.S. dollars (91 percent), the debt of the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) estimated at 120 million U.S. dollars (6.0 percent), borrowings in an amount of 23.5 million U.S. dollars guaranteed by the government (1.2 percent) and 20.2 million U.S. dollars of debts without government guarantee (1.0 percent).

Tajikistan’s largest creditors are China’s Exim Bank – US$739.2 million, the World Bank – US$374.2 million, the Asian Development Bank – US$326.5 million, the Islamic Development Bank – US$84 million, Eurasia Development Fund (as said) – US$70 million, the European Union – US$37 million, Kuwait Development Fund – US$28 million, the United States – US$12.3 million, and Iran – US$17.4 million.

As far as Tajikistan’s debt to Uzbekistan is concerned, it is now estimated at US$32.4 million and expected to be repaid until 2016.