DUSHANBE, March 2, 2011, Asia-Plus - | $30 million were attracted in 2010 to Tajikistan’s economy thanks to the Action Plan of the UN Country Program for Tajikistan, Minister of Trade and Economic Development of Tajikistan Mr. Farrukh Hamraliev spoke today at a presentation of the results of the UN Country Program for Tajikistan.

He said the plan was mainly focused on key areas of Tajikistan’s economy.

“The funds were mainly allocated for poverty reduction and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, reduction of HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB, effective governance, prevention of crisis situations and other areas,” Tajik minister has said.

UNDP Tajikistan''s Country Director, Mr. Rastislav Vrbensky noted that the Program’s Action Plan meets the priorities specified in the Tajikistan Government’s development strategy and meets the UN Development Assistance Framework.

UN Program Coordinator Mr. Suhrob Hoshmuhamedov stressed that UNDP plans to attract more than $116.3 million to Tajikistan’s economy in the framework of the given plan. $35 million – resources of UNDP and the rest $131 million – resources of international donors.

He said that $40 million are expected to be attracted to Tajikistan’s economy in 2011 in the frameworks of the given plan. The funds are expected to be directed at the development of the MDG potential, national development strategy and poverty reduction strategy.

He also said that the funds will be directed to strategic and economic development, development of a dialogue between private and public sectors, water supply, fight against HIV/AIDS and effective governance.