The Government of Tajikistan instructed to transfer to the company “Alibobo and 40 K” a land plot with a total area of 6 hectares for the construction of a modern factory for the production of beer products and a branded restaurant for their sale.

The corresponding resolution, published on the portal of legal information of the Ministry of Justice of the country, was adopted by the government on August 31 this year.

It is noted that “Alibobo and 40 K” will receive a land plot of 5.27 hectares of arable land for unlimited use without the right to alienate.

The document instructs to withdraw this plot of land from the State Unitary Enterprise “Luchob” in the Varzob district.

 “Alibobo and 40 K” undertakes to fully compensate losses to land users before the withdrawal of the land plot.

Also, the company must compensate for losses associated with the withdrawal of land from agricultural circulation to a special account of the republican budget. The size of these losses is indicated at 1.3 million somoni (about $130 thousand).

The document states that the company must use the land for its intended purpose.

КIt was not possible to find any information about “Alibobo and 40 K” in open sources.