At the quarterly Board meeting on the 2nd of June, the Eskhata’s Supervisory Board appointed Saifidinov Akmaljon Tolibjonovich as the next CEO of Eskhata Bank, effective from the 1st July , 2023.

Mr Saifidinov has over sixteen years of banking experience, twelve of which have been with Eskhata Bank. He began his career as   loan expert back in 2011 succeeding notable success as Chief Risk Officer and a member of the Management Board of the Bank since 2018. Over the past five years, as part of the Bank's senior management team, Mr. Saifidinov has played a key role in developing and strengthening Bank's risk management system, in the implementation of the business strategy and the transformation of Eskhata.  Mr. Saifidinov as  qualified banking professional holds MBA in Financial Engineering from ALMA University.

One of the essential competitive emphases of Eskhata Bank is continuous pursuit of excellence in our services and achievement of new milestones while acknowledging the needs and demands of our partners. Eskhata Bank being one of the leading financial institutions in the country, has been always the key contributor in financing and developing the diverse of the economy thus supporting and promoting public confidence and trust in the Tajik banking sector, 

Our Bank is led by seasoned and  competent leaders, whose work ethics, managerial expertise and loyalty assert the Bank’s development and leading position in the country’s banking sector.

Reiner Muller-Hanke, the incumbent CEO of Eskhata, is a highly qualified banking professional with extensive leadership and managerial international experience. Mr Muller-Hanke has been heading the Bank since 2020, and despite the difficult period of the global pandemic, he managed to implement advanced work’s standards and ethics resulting in better customer service, improving operational efficiency, the financial growth and strengthened leading position of Eskhata Bank in the Tajik financial market.  Reiner’s invaluable contribution to the Bank’s progress is that legacy to be carried on by Akmaljon in the years to come.

The Supervisory Board strongly believes in Mr. Saifidinov's resolve, professional leadership style, commitment and devotion to the Bank. 

We trust in Akmaljon’s facility and maturity in taking vital but accurate decisions. We sincerely wish Akmaljon a professional zeal, recognition of the entire Bank’s team and continued support and encouragement  of the loved ones!