In August this year it is noted an increase in the price of liquefied natural gas by almost 2 somoni per 1 liter in Tajikistan. This increase, according to experts, is tied to the dynamics of the ruble exchange rate. Representatives of official bodies state that the rise in price of liquefied natural gas is also observed in the exporting countries of this fuel.

At the beginning of August, 1 liter of liquefied gas cost 4 somoni 20 dirams, but last week the price increased to 4 somoni 80 dirams.

Already today, 1 liter of fuel in Khujand costs 5.30 somoni, in Dushanbe - 5.60 somoni, in Bokhtar the price is even higher – 6 somoni.

At the same time, most drivers and local residents express dissatisfaction with the fact that it is not always possible to find liquefied gas at the capital's gas stations.

One of the drivers from Dushanbe, Shukhrat, told Asia-Plus that he failed to purchase this type of fuel at several gas stations in the city.

The stabilization of prices for gas and other fuels in the country has been going on since February of this year, when the price of liquefied gas decreased to 3 somoni 30 dirhams.

Now experts explain the rise in prices for liquefied natural gas by "the impact of the exchange rate and its rise in price in the producing countries."

One of the experts, without mentioning his name, in an interview with Asia-Plus noted that the main reason for the increase in the price of liquefied natural gas is its increased cost in Kazakhstan and Russia.

"Tajikistan does not independently produce liquefied natural gas, but acquires it through imports, mainly from Kazakhstan and Russia. Changes in the cost of liquefied natural gas in these supplier countries, due to fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Russian ruble, directly affect the price in Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries. As a result, the price of liquefied gas has increased," the expert explained.

Representatives of the authorities support this explanation of the expert and associate the increase in the cost of liquefied gas with changes in prices for this type of fuel in the supplier countries.

Safarali Kurbonzoda, Deputy head of the Antimonopoly Service, said in early August: "The price of liquefied natural gas in Tajikistan directly depends on the cost in exporting countries, since Tajikistan imports this type of fuel."

He noted that a significant amount of liquefied natural gas has been imported into the country this year. Last summer, the price for this product increased slightly at the gas station, however, according to the expert, "during the first six months of this year, the total supply of liquefied gas to Tajikistan was carried out by 14 different companies, and there is no one dominant company here."

It should be noted that since 2018, by the decision of the government of the country, liquefied natural gas has been included in the list of goods with social significance, which also includes 18 other products. This decision granted the Antimonopoly Service the right to intervene in the event of an illegal increase in the price of liquefied natural gas by 20 percent or more within one month.

In the first half of this year, 73.47% of the total volume of liquefied natural gas was imported from Kazakhstan, 24.67% - from Russia and 1.86% - from Uzbekistan.

Liquefied natural gas occupies an important place among the main types of fuel for motor transport in Tajikistan. This type of fuel, according to official data, is used by more than half of drivers.