DUSHANBE, January 23, Asia-Plus - “No sudden temperature drop is expected in Tajikistan,” Jamila Baydulloyeva, head of the weather forests center within the Tajik Hydromet, told Asia-Plus commenting on rumors about possible movement of anticyclone from Russia to Tajikistan.    

According to her, the sudden temperature drop in Russia was caused by Atlantic and Scandinavian cyclones, which will not reach Tajikistan this month.  

“At present, cyclones of the Southwest region of Asia are moving towards Tajikistan carrying with them relatively warm air with them,” Mr. Baydulloyeva said, noting that the sudden temperature drop in the republic may be caused by the Siberian anticyclone.  She added that such a sudden drop in temperature was registered in the winter of 2003, when temperature dropped to minus 20 degrees, Centigrade.  

According to Tajik meteorologists, no sudden cold weather is expected in the republic within the next few days, and temperature will not fell lower than minus 7 degrees at nights.