DUSHANBE , January 30, Asia-Plus - The 17-year-old Russian was recently detained in Leninsky District of Moscow Oblast (Region) on suspicion of having killed Tajik guest worker, the Russian newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” reported on January 30.

According to the newspaper the crime was committed in December last year.  The newspaper reports the 50-year-old Tajik labor migrant, who had several hundred thousands of Russian rubles with him, was going by car to buy air tickets for himself and his fellow-countrymen.  The17-year-old teenager stopped him and asked to give a lift.  Near the Village of Dudkino the teenager suddenly attacked the gust worker beating him by spanner to death and took away the money. 

The assailant proved to gambler and the 50-year-old labor migrant was not his first victim, according to the newspaper.  “Moskovsky Komsomolets” reports the preliminary investigation has established that that the teenager had previously killed two other persons for money for gambling on the “one-armed bandit” (slot machine).