DUSHANBE, March 1, Asia-Plus - By government’s resolution 1.5 million Somonis have been provided for rehabilitating the riverbank protection works in the Hamadoni district of Khatlon, Asia-Plus has learned from Rustam Abdulloyev, deputy director of the unit for mitigation of disaster effects of the Ministry of Emergencies Situation (MES).

            According to him, the MES as well as the Ministry of Land Reclamation and Water Resource and other organizations are participating in rehabilitation of the riverbank protection works in Hamadoni.  “Last year, floods caused by increase in level of waters in the Panj River damaged some 20 kilometers of the riverbank protection works,” Abdulloyev said, noting that complete reinforcement of the riverbank protection works in the area will take several years and some 10 million Somonis are needed for this.