DUSAHNBE, May 29, Asia-Plus - Today morning, two resident of the northern district of Ayni were attacked by wolf, the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) said. 

             The MES source says the incident took place in the village of Zerobod in the Dar-Dar jamoat of the district.  “We have no details of the incident we have just received information that a 28-year-old Mutriba Atoyeva and a 39-year-old Sodir Ghaniyev were hospitalized today morning for wolf bite,” the MES source said, noting that that at present they are in good state.  The source also noted that local residents saving their fellow-villagers killed the wolf.      

As it had been reported earlier, nine residents of the northern district of Panjakent have been attacked by wolves since the beginning of the year.