DUSAHNBE, June 3, Asia-Plus -- A disaster management coordination group known as the Rapid Emergency Assessment and Coordination Team REACT, bringing together donors, UN agencies, NGOs and the Red Cross, on June 2 held a meeting to discuss the situation with locusts infestation in Tajikistan.    

According to information from the Ministry of Emergency of Situations (MES), representatives from German Agro Action (GAA) asked the MES to submit them a list of pesticides and equipment needed to combat locusts for providing financial and technical assistance.  

The UN''s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Country Office in Tajikistan also expressed readiness to provide necessary assistance to Tajikistan’s Government in form of food for locusts-hit areas, according the MES source.  “FAO Dushanbe Office also asked the MES to prepare an appeal for assistance to REACT partners and assured that it will take all necessary measures in near future in order to provide timely assistance,” the source said.  

             ABOUT: The Disaster Management Partnership in Tajikistan – Rapid Emergency Assessment and Coordination Team (REACT) was established in 2001 to promote the sharing of information, logistics and other resources between partners active in the disaster management sector, including the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Government of Tajikistan.  The group that involves over 50 state, local and international organizations and entities meets regularly to coordinate and share experiences on issues related to various areas of disaster management, including preparedness, response, mitigation and capacity building activities with national bodies. During emergency situations the partnership works closely together, coordinating response and assistance