DUSAHNBE, June 14, Asia-Plus - A fire broke out in seven wooden huts in the construction site in the settlement of Zhukovka, Odintsovo district in the Moscow region, Tuesday night.  When clearing the wreckages firefighters discovered four dead bodies, which were identified as Tajik labor migrants, according to the Russian news agency “Agentsvo Natsionalnykh Novostey” (National News Agency).  Police has instituted investigation into what caused the fire.  

It is already the second fire in the Moscow region over the Tuesday night, hurting our fellow-countrymen. 

As it had been reported earlier, a four-month baby died and four labor migrants from Tajikistan were hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning after a fire broke out in the Moscow region Tuesday night.  The blaze broke out in a one-story wooden building in the Istra district, about 50 kilometers to the west of Moscow, where a large group of Tajik migrant workers was living.

We will recall that sixteen Tajik labor migrants were killed in three separate fires in the Moscow region in early February this year.