DUSHANBE, August 2, Asia-Plus - More than 2,000 tents should be delivered to the Khatlon province for people affected by the two quakes that struck the Qumsangir district on July 29, First Deputy Emergencies Minister, Abdurrahim Rajabov, remarked at a meeting with representatives from international organizations being members of the Rapid Emergency Assessment and Coordination Team (REACT) on August 2.  

According to Mr. Rajabov, it is the key problem to date, and “the tents should be heated in order that people could live in them in the winter.”  The Tajik emergency official noted that a tent camp would function until new residential buildings are constructed.  

“It is also necessary to provide the disaster-affected people with necessary household items (kitchen items, cooking utilities, etc.),” Abdurrahim Rajabov noted.  “It is also necessary to erect tents for schools and medical facilities, in order that children could continue studying and people would not be left without medical aid,” the Tajik emergency official added.  

Abdurrahim Rajabov stressed that for constructing new residential buildings for people left homeless and rehabilitating key social infrastructure Tajikistan needed partnership of other states and international organizations.  

“In Qumsangir, Panj and Kolkhozobod districts, geologists and seismologists are conducting survey to determine safe places for the construction of new residential and administrative buildings,” Mr. Rajabov concluded.