DUSHANBE, August 7, Asia-Plus - Two persons were killed and at least two others were wounded Thursday [August 3] as an alleged terrorist detonated a hand grenade in the Tajik northern city of Isfara. 

According to information from the Ministry of Interior (MoI), the incident took place in the center of Isfara Thursday evening.  An alleged terrorist detonated a hand grenade, as police were attempting to arrest him.  The suspected terrorist blew himself up, killing one police officer and wounding another two.

The MoI source says, “As a result of the explosion chief of the squad for combating organized crime within the Isfara police directorate, Lieutenant-Colonel Ikrom Jalolov, was killed.  The explosion also killed the suspect, who was holding the RGDP-5 grenade.”  “Two police officers – deputy chief of the squad for combating organize crime, Iskandar Roziqov, and deputy commander of a rapid-reaction squad, Shamsiddin Naimov – were seriously injured and taken to the central district hospital in Isfara,” the MoI source said. 

A team of the MoI is currently working in Isfara to investigate into the incident.  Details of the investigation and the name of the suspect are not disclosed.