DUSHANBE, March 27, Asia-Plus  -- Two persons were killed in Khatlon’s Rumi district Wednesday as tanker truck loaded with liquefied gas blew up, Asia-Plus has learned at the Ministry of Interior (MoI).  

The source at a MoI said that the accident took place yesterday afternoon not far from one of gas refuel stations in the Rumi district.  

“Saidali Rajabov, the driver of the tanker truck belonging to Qurghonteppagaz (Qurghon Teppa natural gas-distributor), loaded the tanker and began driving off as the tanker blew up,” said the MoI source.  “Witnesses said that moments afterwards, the freshly loaded tanker carrying liquefied gas burned on.”  The driver and his passenger were killed in the blast, according to the source.       

The cause of the explosion is under investigation.  However, according to the preliminary investigation, the blast was caused by violation of safety regulations.