KULOB, April 1, Asia-Plus  -- Installation of the early warning system (EWS) on both banks of the Yakhsou River has been completed, Asia-Plus has learned from Orzou Rahmonov, an official with the Kulob emergency management agency.

According to him, radio transmitters have been installed in ten villages in the Vose district and seven villages in the Kulob district.  “These 17 radio transmitters are connected to the Kulob and Vose emergency management agencies,” Rahmonov said. 

Rahmonov said that a Danish international relief and development organization Mission East had provided both districts with EWS as part of the a flood disaster mitigation project supported by DIPECHO within the Yakhsou River Valley that reached 19 villages.

Aspects of this project includes Small Scale Mitigation Measures (SSMM), Early Warning System (EWS) and Disaster Preparedness and Response at the village and institution level. This program focuses on increasing the capacity of the villages and the local institutions to be prepared and respond to flooding.    

“The organization has also assisted with installation of equipment in the villages and training of personnel,” the Kulob emergencies official said.  

Mission East works to help the vulnerable through humanitarian relief aid, development assistance and support to increasing capacity of communities to organize and assist themselves.

Mission East has worked in Tajikistan since 1997.  Its strategy here focuses on improving livelihoods for vulnerable households and communities, with a particular emphasis on community mobilization and community management.  Current programming focuses on the strengthening of the civil society structures to ensure self management and development sustainability. Mission East is working with local community management structures know as Community Organizations. Capacity building of Community Organizations has been undertaken through the implementation of projects that will both increase the amount of food that families have available, and reduce the incidence of illness.

Such activities include support to small-scale agriculture, clean water systems, income generation and hygiene education. In this way, Mission East works with local people to address poverty issues in an integrated way.  Natural disaster is also a particular risk in Tajikistan, and the poor are most likely to suffer.  Mission East works with communities to improve preparedness for flood and earthquake and reduce potential impact of such disasters.