DUSHANBE, June 30, 2008, Asia-Plus  -- International community should pay proper attention to problems facing the EAEC (Eurasian Economic Community) area as member nations of the Community are full members of the United Nations, the EAEC Secretary General Tair Mansourov remarked at an international conference on the water-related disaster risk reduction issues in Dushanbe on June 27.  

Speaking at the conference, he made an emphasis on the energy crisis that had seriously affected the Central Asian region, especially Tajikistan, in the past winter.   

According to him, the energy crisis caused a huge damage to the countries of the region.  “Some countries and international organizations have provided assistance to the crisis victims through providing generators and other relief supplies; however, it is not the solution to the problem,” Mansourov said, noting that it would be better if international experts studied the situation and determine the initial cause of the crisis in advance and then sought ways to prevent it.  

For his part, President of Tajikistan’s Academy of Sciences, Academician Mamadsho Ilolov, noted that the Academy researchers had not been able either to forecast the crisis or find ways to overcome it due to inadequate reach and technical basis. 

In this connection, he called on appropriate international organizations to support improvement of the Academy capacities to reduce disaster risks.