DUSHANBE, June 30, 2008, Asia-Plus  -- A June 27-28 international conference on the water-related risk reduction issues has resulted in adoption of the Dushanbe Declaration.  

The Declaration, in particular, notes that the water-related disasters impede sustainable development and points to the necessity of further expansion of cooperation both at regional and international levels in reducing the water-related disaster risks.  

 The conference participants also welcomed Tajikistan’s initiatives to convene a special conference in Dushanbe in 2010 to discuss a progress of implementation of events within the framework of International Decade for Action Water for Life 2005-2015 and creation of international consortium to seek long-term solutions to the potential threat the Lake Sarez poses to the region.   

Besides, the conference participants recommend to elaborate the Central Asian sub-regional water doctrine with due regard for reduction of water-related disaster risk, and interests of all water users.

We agree that the Dushanbe Declaration will be presented at the Davos international conference to discuss disaster risk reduction that will be held in 2008 and the Fifth World Water Forum in 2009, be brought to notice of the UN Secretary General and be promoted at national and international meetings, the Declaration said.