KHUJAND, September 10, Asia-Plus  - Another police officer was wounded in an armed attack in the northern city of Isfara recently, according to the Sughd province.

The source refrained from giving further details of the incident, just saying that that the wounded police officer is currently at hospital.  

It is to be noted that it is not the first such an incident in Isfara over the past two months.  As it had been reported earlier, two police officers were wounded in the city of Isfara on August 28.  

Senior Lieutenant Firouz Olimov, 28, and Lieutenant Jamshed Ahmadov, 22, on a routine patrol spotted two suspicious-looking persons who were carrying a big black bag.  The police officers asked those two persons to show their ID cards but they did not obey.  The policemen decided to take them to the police department and got them into the car.  On the way to the police department, one of detainees took out firearms from the bag and fired on the police officers.  The detainees managed to escape; the police officers with serious bullet wounds were taken to the hospital.  Olimov and Ahmadov are currently in good health condition.            

In the meantime, the source at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said that both gunmen in an August 28 attack had been identified.  The source refrained from disclosing their names “in the interest of investigation.”  He just said that they are currently in Kyrgyzstan and Tajik law enforcement authorities are conducting negotiations with their Kyrgyz colleagues on detention and extradition of them to Tajikistan.