DUSHANBE, January10, 2009, Asia-Plus  - A fire in the Roudaki district has left an eight-month baby girl dead.

The eight-month-old Marjona Qurbonova was seriously injured in a house fire Thursday night and died of burns received and carbon monoxide poisoning in the Roudaki central district hospital.     

The source at the firefighting service within the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said, “Marjona was seriously injured when the blaze gutted the family’s home in the village of Yangiobod.  She was taken to the Roudaki central district hospital with serious injures.  She died of burns received and carbon monoxide poisoning.”

According to him, a 10-month-old baby girl was killed in an apartment fire in Dushanbe’s Ismoili Somoni district last week.

In all, 10 fires were registered in Tajikistan this week.  Damage caused by them is estimated at 6,410 somoni.