DUSHANBE, June 3, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- Natural disasters are continuing to hit Tajikistan.

According to the Committee for Emergency Situations (CES), heavy rainfalls on June 2 caused a series of mudslides in a number of districts in Rasht Valley and GBAO’s Darvoz district that damaged and blocked in some places central and rural roads and demolished agricultural fields there.

In Rasht Valley (eastern Tajikistan), a series of mudslides happened in Nourobod, Rasht districts and Tojikobod districts.  Besides, strong winds hit the Tojikobod district yesterday.

In the Nourobod district, mudslides killed 46 head of cattle and 41 head of sheep and goats and demolished 3 hectares of agricultural fields in the Darband jamoat.

In the Rasht district, mudslides swept away a bridge linking the villages of Tagoba and Obi Mehnat and completely destroyed a residential building in the village of Navdeh.  The family that was left homeless was evacuated to safe place, the source said.

Strong winds that hit the Tojikobod district on Tuesday blew off roofs of ten residential buildings and mudslides that happened in the district demolished some 20 hectares of agricultural fields and 50 hectares of gardens as well as damaged 1.5 kilometers of power transmission line, one transformer and 4 kilometers of the road joining the Nushor and Shirinchashma jamoats.

In the Davoz district of Gorno Badakhshan, torrential rain on June 2 caused a series of mudslides that blocked in some places the highway from Dushanbe to Khorog and some rural roads, the CES source said.