DUSHANBE, June 18, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- Serviceman of the National Guard has been wounded while on demining operation in Gorno Badakhshan.

According to the Tajik Mine Action Center (TMAC), the incident took place in the Dashti Bibrogh area near the village of Kurgovad in the Darvoz district on June 17, at about 7:00 p.m.  Warrant Office of the National Guard Muhammad Yormahmadov was wounded after anti-personnel mine exploded.

“Yormahmadov has got fragment wounds of his face and upper extremities and was taken urgently to the central district hospital in the Vanj district,” said the source, “Muhammad Yormahmadov is currently under the close medical supervision and getting required therapy.”  The TMAC investigation commission was sent to the accident site the same day.

Since the beginning of the year, 85,521 square meters of land have been cleared and 127 mines/unexploded munitions have been deactivated at the Dashti Bibrogh minefield.

It should be mentioned that this year 6 Tajikistan citizens have suffered from the antipersonnel mines and unexploded munitions, including those 5 injured and one (Jamshed Davronov) killed.

From 1992 to present, totally 351 people were killed and 448 others were injured as a result of the explosion of antipersonnel mines and unexploded munitions.  Last year alone, 9 people were injured and 4 were killed as a result of the explosion of antipersonnel mines and unexploded munitions, the TMAC said.