KHROG, June 23, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- Sixe persons have been reported missing since June 22 as VAZ 21-21 (Russian jeep) fell over precipice into river in GBAO’s Darvoz district.

Speaking in an interview with Asia-Plus, Muzofirsho Zolshoyev, a spokesman for the GBAO police directorate said that the accident took place in the Vishkharv jamoat of the Darvoz district Monday evening.  “The driver apparently could not control the car and it fell over precipice into the Vishkharvak River,” said the source, “The car was taken out of the river but there were no the driver and his five passengers in it.  They have been reported missing and the search operation is under way.”

It is already the third fatal traffic accident in Gorno Badakhshan this month.  Four persons were killed on June 6 as Toyota fell into the Panj River in the Rushan district and one person was killed in the traffic accident that took place in the Darvoz district on June 15.

According to the GABO traffic police department, 14 traffic accidents, including the last one reported on June 22, have been reported in Gorno Badakhshan since the beginning of this year.  19 persons have been killed and 12 others have been injured in those accidents.