DUSHANBE, July 17, 2009, Asia-Plus – Another armed clash reportedly has taken place in the Rasht valley, eastern Tajikistan.

According to Tajik law enforcement authorities, an unknown armed group attacked a post of the National Guards in the Goluboye Ozero area near the village of Yofuch, some 30 kilometers of the administrative center of the Nourobod district yesterday morning.

“As a result of skirmish, five servicemen of the National Guards were wounded and six assailants were killed,” the source said, noting that three assault rifles with attached grenade launchers were found at the scene of action.

“Judging by appearance of the killed assailants they are not local ethnic people,” said the source, “One of them had the Russian passport and judging by his last name he is of Caucasian nationality.”

An operation to search for other members of this gang is under way, he added.