KHUJAND, August 17, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- Ayni authorities are completing measures to mitigate effects of a large landslide that hit the area near the village of Vashan on August 9, the Sughd emergencies official Qodiberdi Khudoyberdiev said in an interview with Asia-Plus today.

“The landslide that was caused by geotectonic activity stopped some three kilometers from the village and nothing now endangers people,’ said Khudoyberdiev, “However, the disaster caused serious damage, destroying 1.5 kilometers of power transmission lines, 1.5 kilometers of telecommunications lines, 1.2 kilometers of road and nine hectares of agricultural fields.”

According to him, the village had been cut off from other settlements and its residents had not had electricity and telecommunications till August 16.  “An alternate road has been cleared today and electricity supplies to Vashan have been resumed,” Khudoyberdiev said.