DUSHANBE, October 24, 2009, Asia-Plus  -- Following family quarrel, a young woman in Khtalon’s Shuroobod district has tried to poison a three-month-old baby of her sister-in-law (the wife of her husband’s brother).

The source at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) told Asia-Plus today that a three-month-old baby boy was taken to the central district hospital in Shuroobod on October 20 with signs of an acute poisoning.

“Investigation has established that following family quarrel, the 22-year-old Tamanno Sangimadova tried to kill the three-month baby son of her sister-in-law Faroqhat Azizova,” said the source, “She dipped a baby''s dummy in pesticide and gave it to the baby.”  Fortunately, medical workers managed to save the baby.

Criminal proceeding have been instituted against Sangimadova under the provisions of Article “Attempted Murder” and an investigation is under way.